At Rohl Geomatics we pride ourselves on employing the best talent in the Industry, whom come together to tackle any Telecommunication project large or small.

Project Managers

Our Team of Project Managers are utilized to lead every project executed by Rohl Geomatics large or small. Our PMP certified project managers all have several years of experience leading projects in the Telecommunication Industry.

One of the key differentiators of Rohl Geomatics from our competition is the experience of our Project Management team, not only with the most current technologies in Fiber Optics but dealing with severe logistical challenges prevalent in remote regions across Canada.

It Analysts

Rohl Geomatics employs a team of IT analysts whom are brought in to do custom development for our customer projects. The IT Analysts on our team allow us to tackle any “turn-key” project, completing both the IT & Telecom aspects of any projects.

Telecom Engineers

We employ a large team of Telecommunication Engineers focused on the engineering of Fiber Based Telecommunication networks across Canada. This team is also well versed in all Telecommunication technologies “Satellite, Microwave, Wireless, etc.”, allowing us to design Telecommunication networks comprising of several different technologies.

Drafting Technicians

Our team of drafting technicians have many years’ experience tackling jobs of all sizes, from short last-mile connections to long-haul transport builds to the demanding requirements of FTTX projects. Our spatially correct drawing packages contain all the necessary drawings to not only build, but permit a project as well in addition to showing fiber splicing requirements if needed. Once construction is complete we provide a full set of as-builts for our customers which can be easily entered into GIS systems for First Call screening.

Fiber Splicers

We employ trained fiber splicing technicians with the latest fusion and testing equipment. Our splicers are experienced in greenfield fiber splicing and testing for all fiber optic network topologies as well as maintenance and emergency restoration.

Fiber Construction Specialists

No matter the size of the job, Rohl Geomatics has the trained and experienced personnel with the required specialized equipment to get it done safely, efficiently and properly.

Land Administrators

We have a team of specialized land administrators to acquire third party permit approvals for any telecommunications project. We are well versed in acquiring permissions from Provincial, Municipal, Private Utility and First Nations entities for the placement of telecommunications plant.

Safety Administrators

Cor Certification
At Rohl Geomatics, safety for our employees is paramount. Rohl Geomatics is a COR certified company with an excellent safety record. We are also members of ISNetworld and ComplyWorks which prequalify contractors to work for member clients.

Environmental Managers

Rohl is committed to the environment. With all aspects to our work we try to minimize any affect we may have to the environment whether it is reduced paper usage in the office to minimal ground disturbance on the work site.

First Nations Liaisons

A large part of our customer base is remote First Nations communities. As such we employ a team of First Nation liaisons whom are tasked with ensuring the best level of service and communication throughout the duration of any project involving First Nation communities.